Everyone who loves hosting events also loves serving an abundance of food, however, hates wasting. Agree? So how do you define menu and food quantities? To satisfy all your guests and avoid delicious food ending up in the bin, check these basic quantities recommended by specialists:

It’s wise to have 6 sweets (cupcakes, truffles etc) and one slice of cake (100g) per person, adults and children. It’s advisable to have 15 to 18 servings of finger food per person unless you’re serving lunch or dinner, after which, this number drops to 5 to 8 servings per person.

For lunch or dinner, the hosts should serve 200g of meat and poultry, 120g of vegetables, 150g of rice or pasta per adult and 2/3 of the adult portion for children. Most children would prefer burgers, pizza, pasta and chicken goujons with chips.
Of course, we can’t forget about drinks. It’s recommended to serve 200ml of water, 400ml of fizzy drinks and/or juice per person. If it isn’t a BYOB party, it’s prudent to serve 5 beer bottles or cans and ½ wine bottles except when there is a bar in the venue.