Depending on what your event is, choosing the venue might be one of the most time-consuming tasks on your to-do list. You already know you should consider the location, cleanliness and comfort. Still, a lot of hosts forget to consider their budget and that should be the first criteria for your decision. You should also ponder:

Accessibility: Is there any guest with special mobility needs?
Season: could I have the event outside?
Time: Is there good lighting for an evening event? Is it in a safe location to leave late in the night?
Style: Does it suit the style of the event?
Size: Will it be too big or too small? Either way your party can look like a badly planned event.

Extra tips include:
_Hire an event planner. A competent professional can turn your “TO-DO” list into a “TA-DAH” list 😊
_Check what is included in the package and what is allowed to bring in from other suppliers. Always read the contract carefully.
_Timing is essential. Booking in advance can guarantee your favourite venue and possibly with a better value.